Zibo is a labour of love started by best friends of ten years, Aziza and Ijabo whose bodies are filled with the colours, white, beige and grey. The white around the pupil of their eyes glistens in the light, the beige illuminating from their cheekbones and the grey shadow of their silhouettes glide with them to the beat of their brand. Zibo is a brand that understands fashion is a way to help people to feel better about themselves.  

Zibo is an online women’s clothing boutique. Zibo offers a variety of reasonably priced quality items that are stylish for everyday women. The brand provides the best minimalist and chic flattering styles across all seasons as a means to inspire customers to create their own looks with Zibo’s signature items. All Zibo items are currently sourced and curated from several vendors in the US and abroad. Zibo provides their customers with what they need to stay stylish and keep their wardrobe updated. 

When Aziza and Ijabo decided to start their brand they were sitting on Aziza’s balcony talking about the need for fashionable, modest, friendly clothing and about Aziza’s dream of wanting to start her own fashion brand. Their conversation was as riveting as the whistling sound of the kettle in the kitchen. Shortly afterwards Aziza whisked off to the kitchen to check on the tea.  

Ijabo has always loved minimalist fashion. To her, minimalist fashion is comfortable yet flattering. She believes the style makes you feel quietly confident and is the perfect way to look poised while achieving your goals. For as long as she can remember she has wanted to be her own boss and to create something that might even outlive her. But because she caught the travel bug a long time ago she was never in one place for long enough to be her own boss. After being away for over five years, she finally realised Melbourne was home. This year has been a nightmare for Ijabo and reuniting with her loved ones has helped her overcome losses she thought she couldn't carry. Taking such a huge leap of faith with her best friend has been a healing process.  

Both Aziza and Ijabo envision a brand that provides elegant and womanly clothing. They are two regular women from regular backgrounds, who understand that fashion can improve the lives of people.  

Aziza’s inspiration to start a business stemmed from a burning desire to work for herself. After becoming a mother of three beautiful girls at a young age, she finally decided it was time for her to start focusing on achieving her goals. She has wanted to start something meaningful and impactful that her girls would be proud of someday. So she decided to follow her lifelong passion for fashion and provide creative styles with clothing items that will inspire women and uplift their spirits when wearing them. Both Aziza and Ijabo understand the power of representation and the lack of it for young girls from minority communities such as theirs. Their core value is to ignite inspiration in women of all walks of life, to empower women to push past their limits and to fight fearlessly to achieve their goals in life. They’re excited to be a part of this journey together, and look forward to the future.  

When Aziza returned to the balcony carrying a tray with the bubbling kettle, Ijabo asked, ‘What is actually stopping you from starting a fashion brand?’  

‘I could even invest,’ she continued.  

Aziza poured two cups of tea. The sweet-spicy scent of cloves steamed from the kettle. They each curled their hands around their mugs; the steam rising from the cups warmed their spirits and the sweet aroma of cinnamon mixed with cardamom and ginger was a testament to the moment.  

‘Let’s do it,’ Aziza exclaimed. ‘But you have to become my business partner’.  

‘I was secretly hoping you would say that,’ Ijabo responded.   

‘Can you believe this is finally going to happen?’ said Aziza.  

Under the light blue sky they both squealed. They couldn’t keep from smiling. The air smelled hopeful. They were caught in the surreal sense that this was happening; it was like time was resting its feet.